Bet my Prediction Social Betting

How does it work?

  • To bet on Bet my Prediction, you either predict or challenge people’s predictions.

    Let's say you want to predict that Jon Snow will win the 2019 presidential election.

  • For Predictors:
    1. 1. Login and click ‘PREDICT’ on the top-right corner of the screen, beside your profile picture, and the ‘Make a Prediction’ page opens up. You type in the desired title of the prediction, the description, the outcome, and the date you want the prediction to close.
    2. 2. Pay your desired stake. This stake can be any amount but the minimum is $5. We will get back to the stakes.
    3. 3. Your prediction is sent to the team for moderation. They check if it is VERIFIABLE. If the prediction is something they can verify, it is accepted and posted to the site. If not, it will be rejected.
    4. 4. Sit back and relax. On the day of the event, if your prediction was right, you will receive your original stake PLUS the total stakes paid by the challengers.

    It's that simple.

    You can give your prediction like to the person you want to bet against or share it to your social media with one click. Alternantively, our users will challenge your predition. If, for instance, a users sees a prediction like ‘Jon Snow will win the 2019 presidential election,’ knowing he’s not even contesting. He/she will challenge that prediction.

  • How to Challenge:
    1. 1. Click on the prediction. On the prediction page, you will see the details of the prediction, the stake paid by the predictor, and the stakes paid by the challengers and their potential wins.
    2. 2. Click ‘CHALLENGE’ and pay your desired stake amount on the popup window.
    3. 3. On the day of the event, if Jon Snow doesn’t win the 2019 election, you will get paid a sum of money that is equal to double of the stake amount you paid.
  • About The Stakes

    Let’s say the predictor paid a stake of $100. You, as a challenger can stake anything from $5 to the predictor’s $100.

    Challengers receive X2 of your challenging stake (i.e., $10 to win $20, $50 to win $100, etc.).

    Predictors receive the sum of the Challengers' stakes

    Staking $20 on the prediction (original stake of $100), the allowable stake reduces to $80 (original stake minus your stake).

    This continues until the original stake is equaled and the prediction closes.

    On the prediction page, you will see a list of the challengers for the predictions, their stakes, and their potential wins.

  • Bet my Prediction Affiliate Program

    ** Refer your friends to Bet my Prediction and receive an equivalent of 1% of whatever amount they fund into their Bet my Prediction wallets, whenever they fund their Bet my Prediction wallets ...forever! **